Wanna Increase Vibrations & Bring Joy to this World!

GABRIELA GIOTTO is a Passionate & Visionary Artist with a Colorful Soul! Originality, uniqueness and beauty still have the magic power to get our attention, though we are overwhelmed every day by commercials, billboards and shops full of average goods. The unique quality of fully-colored and genuine artwork of the Fashion Designer GABRIELA GIOTTO undoubtedly has this kind of magic effect. She has been called the Slovak Versace.

Her Painting Exhibition and Art Fashion Show celebrated already huge success in Beirut „ The Paris of The Middle East“(Lebanon) and her design dress shined also in the Hollywood (USA). She represented Slovak Republic at the World Trade Exhibit Expo 2017 in Kazachstan and Czech Fashion Week, 2017, 2018. She is often invited to many international beauty juries like Face of the Year, Beauty Queen Universe Slovakia, Top Model of the Year.etc.

Before GABRIELA GIOTTO decided to follow her Inner Voice and fulfil her Dreams, she worked as a senior Public Relations Manager in two international companies, and as Marketing Manager for the multinational Olympic Casino Slovakia. Thanks to this experience she can successfully interconnect art and business. “It is about combining the use of the different qualities of the left and right brain hemispheres. In business, it is important to be creative and empathic in communication. On the other hand, it is essential to stay conceptual in art.

After many years of exhibiting her paintings she decided to decorate various objects of daily use. “I wanted to approach more people than just a minor group of art lovers. That´s why I started to create my own Design Brand.


Tel: +421 903 282 024